Easy to use.
Harder to master.

Social media is one of the biggest and best forms of free marketing you can get. MediaVamp will help you get social media to work for you. Understanding your brand and audience we can target new customers, and retain existing customers via interactions on your pages. And the benefits don’t end there…


Having a solid social media presence is a great way to increase SEO for your business!

Increasing Following

Using targeted advertising and posting techniques we will work to increase your social media audience.

Posting Schedule

After understanding your target market we will set-up a posting schedule to get your posts working for you.


Once we begin a digital campaign on a social channel we monitor its effectiveness. Taking and sifting the statistics to make the next campaign even better.


Once we understand your brand and brands tone of voice, we will keep interacting with followers appropriately to retain and grow your following. But most importantly work to turn the followers, into customers.

Your Choices

How much work you want us to do is completely up to you. We can take over a channel whilst you focus on your business. Or we can sit in the background and advise you of the best practices and help plan campaigns.

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Let MediaVamp show you how social media can work for you!

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