Team InceptioN is a gaming community that wanted to engage players and encourage activity.

InceptioN reached out to MediaVamp, and told us their brief and asked us what was possible.

The client opted to take our plus design option, where after a few interviews MediaVamp established the client needs, and created a full design document. This document offers proof of concept, and ways in which we expanded on the original project specification.

Once the design document had been signed the client was given our contract, transparent outlining all payments that needed to be made, and the dates which they would be due.

Our client opted for our affordable monthly payment plan working with their budget – allowing this new starter to get online without breaking the bank.

InceptioN was kept up-to-date every step of the way via our client area, and received help and guidance with MediaVamp expanding on the original idea even further.

The client had numerous phone calls with us to discuss progress and gather feedback, and had a week early access to the site before the go live date for us to make even more changes to perfect the idea for them.

MediaVamp and Team InceptioN are now partnered – working hard to bring a powerful web-engine integrated into their game-servers, encouraging people to come back for more, and keep playing.


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